Square Planetary Ball Mill (2L, 4L, 6L, 8L, 10L, 12L, 20L, 40L, 60L, 100L)



Square planetary ball mills share parameters similar to those of half-sphere ball mills. Different from the compact design, the square planetary ball mills have the space to host larger grinding jars, enabling them to be used for materials synthesis on a larger scale. The mill can also host 4 jars for mixing and grinding. Rotation speed can be tuned based on the grinding materials. Low-volume models are used for materials synthesis in lab-scale, and high-volume machines are used for pilot production.

Xqm Ball Mill Detail
XQM Ball Mill Detail


  • Various choices, from lab materials synthesis XQM-2L mill to pilot scale XQM-100L
  • Automatic and programmable grinding, clockwise and counterclockwise, with timing
  • Reliable and heavy-duty
  • Vacuum stainless steel (SS) jars available for grinding in vacuum
  • Improved technology for low noise operation (<60db)
  • Fully sealed jars capable of wet grinding
  • Various grinding jars and grinding media for different grinding materials
  • Cooling of the grinding motor with a built-in fan for a grinding duration of up to 1,000 min
  • The safety switch ensures automatic power off when the cover is lifted during operation


Electricity supply can be custom-made accordingly based on the AC voltage (single-phase 110V/220V, 60Hz, three-phase 208V/240V/480V, 60Hz)

ModelPower (KW)JarsOptional JarsRotation Speed (rpm)Noise (dB)Max. Operation (min)Weight (exclude Jars, lbs)Dimension (in*in*in)
XQM-2L0.754*(0.05~0.5L)50~250mL vacuum jars 70~67060999920530*18.5*22.2
XQM-4L0.754*(0.25~1L)50mL~1L vacuum jars70~67060999920530*18.5*22.2
XQM-6L0.754*(1~1.5L)50mL~1L vacuum jars70~67060999920530*18.5*22.2
XQM-8L1.54*(1~2L)50mL~1.5L vacuum jars70~58060999933035.4*23.6*25.2
XQM-10L1.54*(1~2.5L)1~2L vacuum jars70~58060999933035.4*23.6*25.2
XQM-12L1.54*(1~3L)1~2L vacuum jars70~67065999933035.4*23.6*25.2
XQM-20L44*(2~5L)2~4L vacuum jars50~43065999972847.2*29.5*36.2
XQM-40L5.54*(5~10L)5L vacuum jars40~3906899991,03055.1*33.5*45.7
XQM-60L7.54*(10~15L)10L vacuum jars40~2606899992,000638*390*49.2
XQM-100L114*(20~25L)20L vacuum jars40~2406899992,75568.9*44.9*52.4

Ball Mill Jars and Grinding Media

Stainless Steel (SS) JarAgate BallsZirconia BallsTungsten Carbide BallsStainless Steel (SS) BallsAlumina BallsPolyurethane-coated Steel Balls
Agate Jar
Zirconia Jar
Tungsten Carbide Jar
Stainless Steel (SS) Jar
Alumina Jar
Polyurethane Jar
Teflon Jar
Nylon Jar
Choice of Ball Mill Media with Jars (● best choice, ○ applicable)

Included in the package

Included in the package are a planetary ball mill, 4 pieces of jar clamper, 1 stainless steel sieve, 4 pieces of rubber jar cushion, a US standard power cord, and an operation manual. The grinding jars and balls are NOT included in the package. To order the grinding jars and balls, please click here. 


  • One-year standard warranty on the hardware, not including wearable parts.
  • Damage due to improper usage and storage is not covered.
  • An extended warranty is available.


Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Power Supply

110V, 60Hz, 220V, 50Hz, Three-phase 480V, 60Hz


XQM 2L (4*500mL), XQM 4L (4*1L), XQM 6L (4*1.5L), XQM 8L (4*2L), XQM 10L (4*2.5L), XQM 12L (4*3L), XQM 20L (4*5L), XQM 40L (4*10L), XQM 60L (4*15L), XQM 80L (4*20L), XQM 100L (4*25L)


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