Battery grade Ethyl Acetate (EA), high purity


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Battery Grade Ethyl Acetate (EA), high purity

An ester (ethyl acetate)–based electrolyte, which has a low freezing point that enables it to conduct a charge even at extremely low temperatures. Ethyl acetate-based electrolytes could reach a sufficient ionic conductivity of 0.2 mS/cm at the ultra-low temperature of -70 degrees C. The resulting Li-ion batteries (LIBs) using (ethyl acetate-based electrolytes could work well at such low temperatures and retain much of the capacity at room temperature.

Chemical NameEthyl Acetate
Molecular formulaC4H8O2
Total Alcohol<200ppm

Molecular weight88.11
Melting point-83.6 Degree C
Boiling point77 Degree C (lit.)
Flash point-4 Degree C
Formclear liquid
Colorcolorless, clear

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