Battery Grade Lithium Chips for Coin Cells, 99.95% Purity



Lithium chips are widely used in battery research, particularly for Li-ion and Li-Metal batteries. Most half-cells for materials research and evaluation use lithium as the anode.  Lithium chips with a 15.6 mm Diameter and 0.45 mm are popular for CR20XX coin cells, especially for CR2032/CR2025 coin cells. Here are some key points:

  • Reactivity: Lithium is very reactive in air, so lithium chips must be handled inside a glove box with Argon Gas and moisture less than 2%RH.
  • Safety: Due to the reactive nature of lithium, it should be handled with care, and appropriate safety measures should be taken.

Please note that this information is based on general practices and may vary depending on specific applications and requirements. Always consult a professional or research advisor when handling lithium for battery research.

Chemical Composition (% max by weight)
Diameter tolerance: ±0.05mm, thickness tolerance: ±0.01mm, no oil, no burrs, non-sticky, silver.

The number of pieces is calculated based on the weight and density of lithium. The diameter and thickness of lithium can be customized upon request. 

Specifications Pieces
Ø12.5*0.55mm 100g2700
Ø15*1.0mm 100g1000
Ø15.6*0.45mm 100g2100
Ø16*0.6mm 100g1500
Ø14*0.4mm 100g3000
Ø15*0.5mm 100g2100
Ø18*0.5mm 100g1400
Ø18*1.0mm 100g700

The lithium chips (flakes) are packed in a sealed tinplate filled with inert argon. It is wrapped and sealed again with an aluminum plastic bag. The aluminum-plastic bag was filled with dry air. Please open the aluminum plastic bag outside the glove box and put the whole metal can into the antechamber for vacuum. Do not put the sealed aluminum bag into the glove box. The bag’s dry air will contaminate the atmosphere. It may explode during the vacuuming in the antechamber.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Ø12.5*0.55mm 100g, Ø14*0.4mm 100g, Ø15*0.5mm 100g, Ø15*1.0mm 100g, Ø15.6*0.45mm 100g, Ø15.6*1.0mm 100g, Ø16*0.6mm 100g, Ø18*0.5mm 100g, Ø18*1.0mm 100g


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