Copper Foil, Anode Current Collector for Lithium-ion Battery


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Electrolytic copper foil is an essential component of lithium-ion batteries and mainly serves as the negative electrode current collector. It has good conductivity, flexibility, a mature manufacturing process, and a relatively low price. The weight of copper foil accounts for approximately 13% of the total mass of a typical lithium battery, and the cost accounts for 8%.

According to thickness classification, electrolytic copper foil can be divided into thin copper foil (12-18μm), ultra-thin (6-12μm), and extremely thin (≤6μm). Extremely thin copper foil increases the energy density of lithium batteries. Currently, 4.5-micron copper foil has begun mass production.

Specifications of Electrolytic Copper Foil

  • Thicknesses: 4.5um, 6um, 7um, 8um, 9um, 10um, 12um, 15um, 18um, 20um, 25um, 35um, 50um, 70um
  • Width: 200 mm (150 mm available)
  • Length: variable
  • Areal density (g/m2): 85-87
  • Composition: Cu ≥99.8%, Fe < 0.0010%, Bi < 0.00020%, Pb < 0.0005%
  • Tensile strength : ≥305 MPa
  • Normal elongation: 3.0%
  • High-temperature elongation (180℃): 2.5%
  • Anti oxidization (heating at 230℃ for 30min): No oxidation of points on the surface. The color does not change.
  • Surface roughness: Less than 0.35 um for the drum side, Less than 4.0 um for the matte side
  • Surface tension (dyne/cm): 68 drum side and matte side

Additional information

Options (Thickness*Width)

8um*200mm, 5m, dual shiny, 9um*200mm, 10m, single drum, 9um*200mm, 2KG, single drum, 12um*200mm, 50m, single drum, 18um*180mm, 10m, single drum, 18um*180mm, 50m, single drum, 20um*180mm, 10m, single drum, 20um*180mm, 50m, single drum, 50um*200mm, 5m, single drum