CR2032 Coin Cell Case Sets, SS316L



The CR2032 Coin Cell Case Sets are made of high-quality stainless steel 316L, which contains a cathode case, an anode case, a wave spring, and a space for each set, all made of high-quality metal stainless steel 316L.

A PP gasket is already on the anode case.


  • Wave Spring: 15.4mm*1.0mm (default). Wash Spring: 15.4*1.1mm or 13.0*1.8mm
  • Spacer: 15.8*1.0mm (default), 15.5*0.5mm, 15.8*0.5mm, 16.2*0.5mm or 16.2*0.8mm.

Please specify in the order note if the right one is not listed.

Additional information

Choose Spacers (Diameter*Thickness)

15.5*0.5mm, 15.8*0.5mm, 15.8*1.0mm, 16.2*0.5mm, 16.2*0.8mm

Choose Springs (Diameter*Thickness)

15.4*1.0mm (Wave), 15.4*1.1mm (Washer), 13.0*1.8mm (Washer)

Choose Quantity

100 sets, 500 sets, 1000 sets


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