PVDF Binder, Kynar HSV 900 for Lithium-ion Batteries


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Kynar HSV 900 PVDF binder is a popular binder for the cathode electrode. It enables higher energy density due to the increased active material content. HSV series binders also demonstrate low swelling levels in common solvents and electrolytes (even at elevated temperatures – up to 80 Degrees C). Binder swelling can have serious consequences in a lithium-ion battery, so Kynar HSV resins can ensure peace of mind.

Active materials are constantly changing as evermore efficient batteries evolve. It is critical for binder solutions to provide high adhesion properties no matter what active material is being used. The Kynar HSV series maintains excellent adhesion properties with LiCoO2, LiFePO4, LiMn2O4, NMC Oxides, and NCA.


Purity (%)>99.5 
Moisture (%)<0.1 
Melting Point (Degree C)160~180 

Kynar HSV is a trademark of Arkema. The product reference is here.

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50 gram, 250 gram


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