Carbon-coated SiO Anode, High Capacity


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Si monoxide (SiO) and its suboxides (SiOx) are a group of promising anode materials for lithium-ion batteries that have attracted special attention recently due to their high specific capacity and improved cycling performance compared with nano silicon-based anode. In the material, nanosized (or amorphous) silicon particles are embedded in the oxide matrix, which maintains the structure and also buffers the volume expansion during lithium insertion/removal. In 2019, it is believed that the SiOx-based anode was commercialized in cylindrical cells that are used in electric vehicles.


D50 (um)5.38 
BET (m2/g)2.12 
Tap density (g/cm3)1.08 
Capacity (mAh/g)1633.5 
Voltage Cut-off (V)0.005~2.0v 
Test Condition25 degrees C, 0.1C, 0.005~2.0V 
1st Cycle Efficiency (%)78.6

We have some other commercially available SiO-C anode samples, which have a lower capacity (420mAh/g ~650mAh/g) but better cycling performance. Please contact for detail.


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